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 Company Profile

Advertising with
            In present, the internets are user very increase. Online business it growing search engine be brave cause of online advertising is the choice business many shop have to important with that.
            First point for begin the data online advertise which complain about. Introduction of media online and the market in Thailand still is new market when compare between U.S.A. Which is leader of high spend 10% with media online of all price the media online and some country in European have part of budget more 15%.but in Thailand, the data in 2007 still 1% only.
            Although the user knows about media online reach to correct with target. But it hard if compare with other media. However we are still want to comparing between media online and original media (TV or Print) no compare from price because the format and the presentation it different.
            Find select to buy television media to target group more people. But to assess difficult target and have to use benefit communication special for acknowledged in product or brand only. For media online can target group to more distinct than television media? And be not acknowledged in brand or product. But media online can you have experience between target group with product.
            In addition media online to answer by marketing or to sale more completely. Which marketing online can answer to requirement since many people interested join in activity continue to sale or to sale repeated?
            But have to consider about make website haven’t to strategy the same website to other. Because model of business have to increase format depend on quantity to use.
Why do you have to advertise with
You can advertise product or your service it’s efficiency by 
1. Save Money And Efficiency.
            Today! Your advertise with start price 6 baht per day. Cause your advertise can to people group of million. By haven’t to a great number of invest. Which advertise have saved to money and accept more accept than advertise other?
2. Target Group.
            You can choose advertise give your target group because have type classify of product more than 20 group and more than 300 divide product. Which group used different service then is confident you can advertise require targeting group?
3. Clear to Advertise And Many Format.
   has obvious and clear to see so you can choose advertise many format. Such as picture of product or text link.
4. Reach to many people on Website.
   have many people view on website even just the open and you can secure your advertise to target group and know to contact and website other.
5. Public Relation to shop.
            Public Relation to shop with to every time
6. Website Support to Sever System High Quality.
            By Read planet Co., Ltd. to Quality assure. Which haven’t problem view on website?
7. have store of bank to advertising or Public   Relations on website.
            Such as Krung Thai Bank, Kasikorn Bank about 500-600 store and increase in the future.
Type Product of
            You can choose advertising of product or your service by you can look type of product advertising to have many 10 group.  
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Out Source Co., Ltd. 
Head office:  297 Mongkol Building 4th A Floor, Ramintra km. 2 Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok 10220. 
Contact: Monday - Saturday Time: 08.30 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.
Tel.: +662 900 5955
Fax. +662 970 9688

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